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Monthly Archive for April, 2007

WPC 54G PCMCIA Card in Ubuntu

I have a WPC 54G wireless card from Linksys (now a unit of Cisco, of which I own a few shares). I had used this card in my initial Ubuntu install which I think was 5.04. After upgrading I was unable to get the card to work in 5.10 throug 6.10. . I upgraded to [...]

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Pixture Studio

I was looking for some icons to use on my laptop. Specifically, I have a guitar tuning java program which didn’t come with an icon. In my search, I came across Pixture Studios. The owner (known as Hide) of this site allows free personal use of a lot of his artwork. Check it out for [...]

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Firefox is Still on the Rise

According to XiTi, Firefox has an aggregate usage rate of 24.1% in Europe. Some countries in Europe (e.g., Germany) have usage rates over 35%. In North America, the aggregate rate is 15% while Oceania (dominated by Australia & New Zealand) has an aggregate rate of ~25%. Web masters need to sit up and take notice [...]

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First Python Script!

I wrote my first Python script (or program, take your pick) this week. I needed to pull data from a listing of files, each with thousands of xyz data points, and place the data in a new file. Using Google to look up what I needed to know, I was eventually successful. The first thing [...]

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