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Monthly Archive for May, 2006

MS Word 0-day Trojan Exploit

I just saw the 0-day trojan exploit (Trojan.Mdropper.H) on Google News. Here are some links: New Trojan Targets Microsoft Word, New security hole found in MS Word, Trojan exploits unpatched Word vulnerability. When will the rest of the world wise up to how inept Microsoft are? They’re talking about issuing a patch June 13th; meanwhile [...]

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Net Neutrality

I received a phone call on Saturday, 6 May, which was a survey on net neutrality.  This was a difficult survey to respond to for several reasons: The caller appeared to speak English as a second language.  The pronunciation of some words made it especially difficult to understand what she was saying.  Similarly, she often [...]

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Get Legal. Get OpenOffice.org

OpenOffice.org is starting a campaign to help people understand that there is a low cost alternative to Microsoft Office. They tell about Microsoft using the web to track down pirated copies of software. If you are unsure whether your Microsoft Office copy is properly licensed, assume it isn’t. Go to the link above, and download [...]

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